It’s Alive! RedShift Writers Springs to Life as the World’s Newest Advanced Content Writing Firm

Houston, TX (December 10th, 2012)- RedShift Writers, a high-powered, lightning fast content writing company based in Houston, TX, officially opened its doors for business today.  The move comes as a response to requests from the market for faster, more reliable, more efficient copywriting production and quality.

“RedShift Writers enters the market with incredible demand,” said Founder and Lead Creative Daniel J. Cohen. “Brands across all industries have opened the lines of communication with us because they recognize the opportunity to get excellent copywriting. We can’t wait to bring our talents to the open market and engage with our partners by providing content writing that builds high quality brands.”

The company will offer copywriting services, creating website copy, blogs, press releases, advertisements, sales copy, media kits, SEO articles and other key copywriting weapons for the modern business.

The firm already includes a series of successful business partners. Companies ranging from newborn startups to Inc. 500 Winners have agreed to trust RedShift Writers for all of their copywriting needs. RedShift also performs copywriting-focused PR and social media services and works with strong complementary partners to help businesses position their messages in the market.

Cohen, former Head Writer at several of Houston’s most successful small businesses, has built a name around copywriting in the Houston business community. In addition to his full time jobs leading copywriting projects in marketing departments, Cohen has long served as a loyal, high performance copywriter for his own independent clients.

“The copywriting we provide is made for the era of social media and customer engagement,” said Cohen. “You have to know the general rules of web marketing these days if you want to write copy that dominates the search rankings while still compelling your customer.”

“RedShift is prepared to offer copywriting services to customers worldwide. We were made to do this.”

About RedShift Writers
RedShift Writers is a high-powered, lightning fast content writing company. Based in Houston, Texas, RedShift specializes in writing website content that pulls in customers and powers businesses to the top of search rankings. They offer content writing as related to a broad number of digital services, including websites, blog creation and management, social media, PR, speech writing and personal branding. RedShift provides content for a wide variety of industries. Its portfolio includes but is not limited to oil & gas, consumer products, marketing agencies, general B2B services and entrepreneurship. Operating under the philosophy that content writing should be created with the vision of achieving specific business goals, RedShift Writers has gotten impressive results for its clients.

RedShift lives to write and writes to brand.

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Daniel J. CohenIt’s Alive! RedShift Writers Springs to Life as the World’s Newest Advanced Content Writing Firm
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