Free Online Content- Market Speak

Content writers know how to spot what works and what doesn’t in your market speak. We’re on the front lines of your marketing war every day, making things happen for our clients and combating our opponents. Content writers who do what they are supposed to do create incredible value for your company. Content writers who don’t are eaten alive in the open market by the content writers who deliver that value.

As successful content writers, we expect to be paid. But we also realize that giving information away for free is one of the best ways to win the marketing war.

Sound counter-intuitive? Welcome to marketing (and one aspect of market speak).

When you offer information for free, you

  • FLEX your knowledge muscles to potential customers
  • Subconsciously suggest stronger value by delivering the unexpected
  • And create a stir of conversation now so fast due to the onset of digital technologies that it can almost carry your entire business

Free content is the fastest way to becoming your own media source or blog. It’s also the fastest to use sales copy as a traveling online salesman for your product. It’s the best route to strong SEO. It’s one important element of PR.

Free online content may seem like it’s free. But as Andy Crestodina stated earlier this week on #BBSRadio, “Content writers are being paid with the reader’s attention.”

The more your target audience pays attention to you, the better off you’ll be.

Find out how our content writers and content strategists can help leverage content to make you cash. Meet all of your message development needs better, faster, and at a more reasonable rate with RedShift Writers.

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