RedShift Writers Shift Ahead Presser 2-17 – Houston Writeathon Ready for Liftoff

RedShift Writers prides itself not just on providing you with incredible content and thoughts about how to craft better writing for business and personal pleasures, but also on what is to come, where resources lie in the City of Houston, and how you can get involved in the business community.

On that note, we present the first ever weekly Shift Ahead presser from RedShift Writers. Here’s what happening with our city, our clients and our projects.

  • At 10 AM this Saturday 2/22, something very special is happening in the Montrose Public Library. It’s an event that indicates the true power of writers. It’s an event that unifies creatives to solve everyday problems for Houstonians.

It’s the Houston Writeathon!

The Houston Writeathon will feature some of the leading civic innovation thinkers in the city and gather dozens of the city’s best writers, designers and stakeholders, all for one beautiful, engaging and civic-minded cause: improving the communication of important information to Houstonians. Co-organized by some of Houston’s leading writers and startup leaders, the Houston Writeathon will offer citizens of all varieties a chance to unify, make a difference, network, drink cocktails and write (of course!).

For more information, check out

Tune in to FM 92.1 Saturday at 2 PM, or see for more details on how to download the app, listen online or watch live on UStream.

  • Artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, musicians, event planners, club owners and anyone else with an interest in attention for events, keep your ears open: Whispers suggest That Video Magazine is on the verge of releasing a HUGE event sponsorship budget. The package is still in early formation, but we can guarantee you there will be enough support in the package to make major waves in the events scene in Houston and have an impact in its genesis town, New York City. TVM has a knack for blowing up events and getting the word out with killer video content. Expect big things and be ready to bid for huge sponsorship dollars.
  • Michele Price’s #BREAKTHROUGH #BBSRadio episode this Monday features a discussion on 26 Ironclad Relationship Laws Driving Business Success. Awesome host and sure to be an awesome show. Check out the landing page.


  1. Daniel we are excited for Houston’s first writeathon this week. Looking forward to working with you, as well as seeing what great content is created that makes everyone’s life better with clear communication.