RedShift Writers Shift Ahead Presser 2-24 – RedShift Clients Make Big Moves

RedShift Writers prides itself not just on providing you with incredible content and thoughts about how to craft better writing for business and personal pleasures, but also on what is to come, where resources lie in the City of Houston, and how you can get involved in the business community.

On that note, we present week two of the  Shift Ahead presser from RedShift Writers. Here’s what happening with our city, our clients and our projects.

  • This past weekend, writers, designers and stakeholders coordinated at the Houston Writeathon to knock several projects for the city right out of the park. From pets to craft brew to the mayor’s social media feed and business procurement improvements for the city, everyone pitched in, picked up a keyboard and helped out tremendously in making the event a huge success.Now, Open Houston has announced that the City of Houston Hackathon is back! The 2nd Annual Houston Hackathon was officially announced last week for late May. We can already here the coders in the city cracking their knuckles in anticipation for a night-long coding adventure!Check out the Meetup group.
  • The Executive Entrepreneur Hour with John “JonyProfit” Whaley is launching its newest feature: a socially focused entrepreneur segment featuring Jeff Reichman of January Advisors. EE Hour is PUMPED about the segment, which will focus entirely on entrepreneurs doing interesting things to benefit good causes in the City of Houston. Tune in this Saturday at 2 – usual showtime – on 92.1 FM to hear who’s helping who and why.