Daniel J. Cohen

Daniel J. Cohen us is the Founder and Lead Writer at RedShift Writers, LLC. RedShift Writers is the only Houston company focused solely on crafting content that is cimpelling for customers and effective for search engines. Specializing in websites, Cohen and his stable of content writers take on content writing projects of all kinds, including marketing brochures, landing pages, social media campaigns, blog posts, SEO articles and more. For moe information, visit www.redshiftwriters.com

Google Ngram & Google Trends: Two Google Tools No One Ever Talks About

As evidenced by the obsolescence of phone books and Encyclopedia World Books, it’s no secret that the Internet and the rise of search engines have revolutionized the way people find information over the last several decades. In particular, Google has powered much of the online revolution thanks to its intense interest in how we search,

Traditional News Rarely Cares About Traditional Small Businesses

There is a common experience for public relations practitioners in which firms’ prospects get a hankering to gain publicity or fame because they believe it will help their business. Sometimes- as is the case for adventurous consumer brands such as Red Bull or Coachella music festival- extra publicity can lead to extra attention, resulting in

Can Ari Fleischer protect Peyton Manning’s image?

If you know even the slightest bit about NFL football, then you know who Peyton Manning is. You also probably know he’s fairly good at football. And by fairly good, I mean exceptionally good. But just because you’re good at one thing doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. It took Manning decades of running the