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What Makes a Great Memoir?

What Makes a Great Memoir?Hint: you don’t have to travel the world or experience spiritual/romantic/culinary awakenings; you certainly don’t have to be famous. On any given Sunday, depending on your feelings about gambling on the Lord’s day, you can place fairly certain bets on a few things: fanciful hats will be in abundance after morning

Google Ngram & Google Trends: Two Google Tools No One Ever Talks About

As evidenced by the obsolescence of phone books and Encyclopedia World Books, it’s no secret that the Internet and the rise of search engines have revolutionized the way people find information over the last several decades. In particular, Google has powered much of the online revolution thanks to its intense interest in how we search,

Red Light, Green Light, SEO: Yoast Plugin for WordPress Explained

What all is involved in boosting your website’s ranking on Google? For businesses that haven’t dealt with search engine optimization (SEO) before, the term alone can be intimidating. Afterall, SEO sounds very technical. Plus, you’ve probably heard how expensive paid advertising can get with a non-organic SEO plan. But with a good writer and good

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