Houston Entrepreneurs Launch Business Training Company

Inc. 500 Business Developer and Education Specialist Kick Off OntoBox Training Houston, TX (December 17, 2015)- After years of successfully developing businesses and executing powerful campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients, Inc. 500 business developer Jason Arcemont and content development specialist Daniel J. Cohen have teamed up to bring the Houston business scene a […]

Special Branding Report: 21 Presidential Campaign Slogans Ranked from Worst to Best

Have you been watching the presidential race? If not, you’re missing some primetime television, as well as an opportunity to learn about branding at the highest level. Make no mistake: the Presidential Election is one of the highest offices in the world and the 2016 Presidential Election is estimated to cost more than $5 billion […]

Jason Arcemont Launches Houston Business Radio Show #TheHook

Houston, TX (October 1, 2015)- 950 AM Radio will officially add its first ever radio show dedicated to helping you build your business, The Hook, hosted by The Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont. The Hook will provide marketing tips, tricks, strategies and news to business owners and executives seeking direction and assistance. Read more: http://www.kprcradio.com/articles/kprc-news-457478/the-hook-with-marketing-maverick-jason-13996266/#ixzz3vagCPSwT

RedShift Writers Founder to Speak at #IS2015

Hello! I will be speaking about copywriting and conversion in a presentation titled Tales, Triggers, and Turnoffs (TTT) Thursday August 27th, 2015, at Houston IMA’s #IS2015 Conference at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. This year’s conference focuses and art and science of conversion and how to analyze and measure performance related to conversion. I […]

EXAMINER – Awards By Allstar Produces Root 100 Awards and Supports Local Recipient

“Awards by Allstar (ABA) has been producing awards for over 25 years for every type of award ceremony, gala and important event. We pride ourselves on knowing the industry inside and out and offering only the best in premium custom awards in not only Houston, but Dallas, New York and Washington, DC.” Our client ABA […]

Houston Business Weekly Releases Six-Part Interview with Houston Startup Specialist Marc Nathan

Houston Business Weekly recently had the pleasure of catching up with Marc Nathan. Often dubbed “The Kevin Bacon of Houston”, Marc has been involved in the local Houston startup community as a supporter and entrepreneur for years and carries with him a knowledgebase and Rolodex to show for it. Marc was recently named the Texas […]

Translation in International Markets – Our Interview with Global Speak Translations

RedShift Writers specializes extensively in the art of written communication. We work hard to craft the perfect content for your business, pinpointing messaging with precision to target your audience, the whole audience and nothing but your audience better than any other company in our industry. Yet one service we don’t offer directly is to do […]

Three Steps to Take if You Post Something Fake on Social Media

One of the great negative impacts of Media 2.0 has been the ease with which a person can post a meme or other message that is misguided. Satirical links are often taken as real news only to be discounted in Facebook comments under the original post. Hooray for group moderation, right? The issue is that […]

EXAMINER – RedShift Client Undergoes Brand Overhaul

“The specialized quality permeating [Global Speak Translations’] process brings oil and gas companies excellence they can rely on in even the most high stakes translation scenarios.” RedShift client Global Speak Translations (GST) is undergoing a brand evolution with the help of our roommate company BrightBox Brand Marketing and is ready to roll out its new […]

RedShift Writers Sponsors APTA Ignite Houston Transportation Innovation Challenge

Houston’s Leading Content Writers Coach Speakers and Judge International Tradeshow Speaking Event Houston, TX (October 20, 2014)- It’s a rare day when companies are given the opportunity to see some of the world’s most innovative transit ideas presented in front of two of America’s leading transportation champions. Yet that’s exactly what happened Monday, October 13th […]