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When RedShift Writers Founder Daniel J. Cohen contacted BrightBox Brand Marketing, the company was on the verge of a tremendous breakthrough. BrightBox, started in 2007 by renowned sales strategist Jason Arcemont and creative champion Patrick McDonough, quickly transformed itself from an infant startup into a multi-million dollar company on the brink of Inc. 500 status.

However, the company still needed strong content and effective messaging to round out its already powerful brand and company. Furthermore, BrightBox’s clients sought strong content to better communicate with their customers.

RedShift’s leader sprung into action, crafting across-the-board content strategies to improve the company’s standing in the arena of content and messaging.
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BrightBox required a better, more regular content creation process that would allow the company to show its clients the right way to produce consistent content. Cohen provided the company with a content block that mixed fresh and evergreen content, guaranteeing a steady stream of messaging coming out of the company.

In addition, he sought articles and interviews covering BrightBox to raise the company’s profile and improve the personal brand of its founders. Over time, BrightBox brought in customers seeking website content, PR results, social media campaigns, SEO-oriented content, and other marketing results. RedShift delivered for client after client, providing satisfying results for customers in a wide variety of industries.
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“Good writers are hard to find and a writer who has the ability to understand and mirror my clients’ brand culture is even more difficult. Daniel has blown my team away with his speed and accuracy. I highly recommend him for any writing project!”
Jason Arcemont , Owner/CEO, BrightBox

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“Daniel has a great ability to not only write well, but to also capture the unique voice and character of his clients, which communicates beyond just the words on the page.”
Patrick McDonough, Owner/Creative Director, BrightBox


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