RedShift Writers Shift Ahead Presser 2-17 – Houston Writeathon Ready for Liftoff

RedShift Writers prides itself not just on providing you with incredible content and thoughts about how to craft better writing for business and personal pleasures, but also on what is to come, where resources lie in the City of Houston, and how you can get involved in the business community. On that note, we present [...]

RedShift Writers Creates Bigger Picture with That Video Magazine

Houston’s Leading Content Writing Company Signs Leader in Exclusive Video Arena as Client Partner Houston, TX (January 26, 2014)- RedShift Writers, Houston’s leading content writing company, has signed That Video Magazine as a client partner and  business ally in both marketing and investment efforts. RedShift will be tasked with creating messaging of varying levels for [...]

RedShift Writers Hires New Writer

Houston’s Leading Content Writing Company Expands Team Houston, TX (January 26, 2014)- RedShift Writers, Houston’s leading content writing company, has expanded its full-time staff by hiring Houston-based content writer Lindsey Becerra. Becerra will serve as an important go-to wordsmith for the company’s marketing, PR and sales campaigns. “Lindsey impressed me with her tremendous interpersonal skills, [...]

Uptown Consultants Boosts Business with RedShift Writers

Uptown Consultants logo

  Houston content writers stable RedShift Writers and global business consulting firm Uptown Consultants are bringing a whole new style of business to Houston— and the world. Earlier this week, RedShift and Uptown forged a business alliance that offers Houston businesses the opportunity to find high quality business and marketing services that work together symbiotically [...]

RedShift Writers Founder Shares Content Writing Business Strategies to Boost Sales for 2013

Houston Content Writer and RedShift Writers Founder Daniel J. Cohen will discuss content writing techniques and methods by which to boost sales for the rest of 2013 on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio hosted by Michele Price on Monday, April 22nd at 11AM on #BBSRadio. “Michele is one of the fastest rising yet experienced business radio [...]

RedShift Writers Gets Fresh and Fluffy- The Original Natural Dry Pet Shampoo Teams Up With Content Writing Masters to Bolster Marketing Efforts

Meadows, TX (January 10th, 2013)- Fresh and Fluffy™, the original natural dry pet shampoo, has chosen RedShift Writers as the steward of its brand and the leader of its marketing efforts. “RedShift Writers has charted a clear direction for our product as well as an easy plan of attack for our markets,” said Fresh and [...]

It’s Alive! RedShift Writers Springs to Life as the World’s Newest Advanced Content Writing Firm

Houston, TX (December 10th, 2012)- RedShift Writers, a high-powered, lightning fast content writing company based in Houston, TX, officially opened its doors for business today.  The move comes as a response to requests from the market for faster, more reliable, more efficient copywriting production and quality. “RedShift Writers enters the market with incredible demand,” said [...]