Google Ngram & Google Trends: Two Google Tools No One Ever Talks About

As evidenced by the obsolescence of phone books and Encyclopedia World Books, it’s no secret that the Internet and the rise of search engines have revolutionized the way people find information over the last several decades. In particular, Google has powered much of the online revolution thanks to its intense interest in how we search, […]

Traditional News Rarely Cares About Traditional Small Businesses

There is a common experience for public relations practitioners in which firms’ prospects get a hankering to gain publicity or fame because they believe it will help their business. Sometimes- as is the case for adventurous consumer brands such as Red Bull or Coachella music festival- extra publicity can lead to extra attention, resulting in […]

Jason Arcemont Launches Houston Business Radio Show #TheHook

Houston, TX (October 1, 2015)- 950 AM Radio will officially add its first ever radio show dedicated to helping you build your business, The Hook, hosted by The Marketing Maverick Jason Arcemont. The Hook will provide marketing tips, tricks, strategies and news to business owners and executives seeking direction and assistance. Read more:

Translation in International Markets – Our Interview with Global Speak Translations

RedShift Writers specializes extensively in the art of written communication. We work hard to craft the perfect content for your business, pinpointing messaging with precision to target your audience, the whole audience and nothing but your audience better than any other company in our industry. Yet one service we don’t offer directly is to do […]

Three Steps to Take if You Post Something Fake on Social Media

One of the great negative impacts of Media 2.0 has been the ease with which a person can post a meme or other message that is misguided. Satirical links are often taken as real news only to be discounted in Facebook comments under the original post. Hooray for group moderation, right? The issue is that […]

EXAMINER – RedShift Client Undergoes Brand Overhaul

“The specialized quality permeating [Global Speak Translations’] process brings oil and gas companies excellence they can rely on in even the most high stakes translation scenarios.” RedShift client Global Speak Translations (GST) is undergoing a brand evolution with the help of our roommate company BrightBox Brand Marketing and is ready to roll out its new […]

Free Online Content- Market Speak

Content writers know how to spot what works and what doesn’t in your market speak. We’re on the front lines of your marketing war every day, making things happen for our clients and combating our opponents. Content writers who do what they are supposed to do create incredible value for your company. Content writers who […]