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 – Written by RedShift Writers
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MeetingSift offers game-changing technology for meetings and productivity. The principle of their collaborative technology is to make meetings productive again using principles and technology built and tested by some of the world’s best thinkers on efficiency. The fast-growing MeetingSift team includes two PHDs and several experienced business executives with the skill and know-how to bring their ideas to the open market. All they needed in the beginning was some collateral and strategy to get their marketing plan off the ground. These efforts included an early look at their initial name, talking points, core collateral to accompany the website, and general messaging feedback.

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Our team provided an in-depth analysis of a wide variety of name options for the company, accompanied by pros and cons to each decision. We used their technology, researched doctoral level work in the field, and wrote content that positively portrayed the company and its benefits to MeetingSift’s core audiences, doing what we do best to help jump start the startup.
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[quote style=”1″] “I have worked with RedShift Writers with two different companies. They are strategic-minded and swift in everything they do. RedShift helped my teams name products, write white papers, name a company, and draft central slogans. They do all things language. Premium, high-quality content from very sharp writers.”
Janet Jaiswal, Enterprise Marketing Executive

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