How We Write Incredible Content

Speed, effectiveness and reliability: the qualities you want in a content writer.

But finding that in one package isn’t as easy as it used to be. When America began, 90% of the workforce consisted of entrepreneurs. You knew you were going to get a great candle because there was one candle-maker in town and all he did was make candles.
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Those days are gone.

Now you have to be careful who you trust in business. For every effective content strategist out there, there are at least three more who don’t know what they’re doing. These content writers push bad copy on clients and pass it off as gold.

Agencies aren’t always the answer, either. Some firms will send your work to content writers overseas for pennies on the dollar and charge you for the plane ticket. Others are groups of slackers disguised as businesses, teams of content writers who have kicked around for years specializing in turning in weak content after the deadline.

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We were made for this.

The RedShift Writers are content strategists who grew up with social media. We understand it. And we understand the changes that have taken place with search engine optimization, digital marketing and other modern business developments. We study web trends and combine them with creative, emotive content writing so our clients walk away satisfied.

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The RedShift Writers work hard, produce fast, and change with the times.

That’s how we get results.

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Choose a versatile content writing firm with inside knowledge
of the latest rhetorical weapons on the market.

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Let us apply our secrets to your brand.

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