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People don’t just “like” our Facebook pages.
They love them.

If you are running a social media campaign, the place you usually start is the place where modern social media began: Facebook.

Lucky for you, RedShift has gotten staggering results from its Facebook campaigns. Our copywriters have been tapped into Facebook from the beginning and understand how to use our skills to engage and mesmerize your audience. We understand how to write the perfect copy for your Facebook page because we know how to write our messages to consider all dimensions of social media, from creative development to management, analytics, direct customer engagement and response, and more.

See RedShift’s Facebook Case Studies.    Request a quote for a Facebook campaign.
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We find clients on Twitter. So can you.

There’s actually a chance you are reading about this in a Tweet. We know how Twitter can make money because we use Twitter to make money. RedShift’s copywriters have learned how to produce worthy sales, PR and marketing messages in less than 140 characters. Our Twitter campaigns generate excitement, spread like wildfire and stand out in your client’s newsfeed. 

See RedShift’s Twitter Case Studies.    Request a quote for a Twitter campaign.
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Connect with new clients on LinkedIn, too.

LinkedIn is where business professionals scope one another out. Whether you are B2C or B2B, you need your best business face forward. From head shot to headline, we get you—and your business—ready to go hunting for leads and deals on LinkedIn.

And there has never been a more important time for your LinkedIn Page to be up-to-date. Google is your new business card, and LinkedIn is often the first link associated with your name and profession as key search terms.

LinkedIn is your digital resume. The better your LinkedIn copy is, the more competitive you will be in the business arena.

See RedShift’s LinkedIn Case Studies.    Request a quote for a LinkedIn campaign.
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And that’s just the beginning.

We write scripts for YouTube. We stir up conversation on blogs. We’ll build your Pinterest page and optimize your Google+ profile. No matter what social media strategy you need, our social media strategists will meet your needs and achieve your goals.

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Contact RedShift today to see what our social media campaigns can do for you.

We guarantee we can create a social media plan
that will benefit your business.

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