RedShift Writers and January Advisors Invite You to the First Ever #ContentHOU

Calling all Houstonians in the business of crafting, amplifying, or tracking content: Let’s meet up and trade notes! RedShift Writers and January Advisors are hosting a small content writing meetup Wednesday, July 12, 6-8 PM at Mercantile Cafe on 3321 Stanford Street in Montrose. Much like other industries in the Houston area, the Houston writing […]

Five Ways Content Writers Can Create a Better Client Relationship

The content writer’s job is to create language that compels others to act. No matter what medium or what purpose the content has, good content maintains that characteristic and leverages the power of words to reinforce a particular mindset or action. However, not all copy ends up as powerful as it should be. While the […]

RedShift Writers Hires New Writer

Houston’s Leading Content Writing Company Expands Team Houston, TX (January 26, 2014)- RedShift Writers, Houston’s leading content writing company, has expanded its full-time staff by hiring Houston-based content writer Lindsey Becerra. Becerra will serve as an important go-to wordsmith for the company’s marketing, PR and sales campaigns. “Lindsey impressed me with her tremendous interpersonal skills, […]

Uptown Consultants Boosts Business with RedShift Writers

  Houston content writers stable RedShift Writers and global business consulting firm Uptown Consultants are bringing a whole new style of business to Houston— and the world. Earlier this week, RedShift and Uptown forged a business alliance that offers Houston businesses the opportunity to find high quality business and marketing services that work together symbiotically […]

Free Online Content- Market Speak

Content writers know how to spot what works and what doesn’t in your market speak. We’re on the front lines of your marketing war every day, making things happen for our clients and combating our opponents. Content writers who do what they are supposed to do create incredible value for your company. Content writers who […]

What is the best time to publish a blog post?

Whenever you want! Think about it. Why do you publish a blog post in the first place? Blogging can certainly lead to sales. It can be a great way to talk to your audience. And it doesn’t hurt you in the search rankings, either. But different companies seek to accomplish different objectives with a blog. […]

You Will Not Read this Blog Post

You will not read this blog post. There’s no chance. No matter how snappy I make this post, without something graphic in the copy of the post and a bloody murder headline, or a big nasty picture, or something directly useful or interesting to you, you’re not going to read it. There used to be […]

RedShift Writers Founder Shares Content Writing Business Strategies to Boost Sales for 2013

Houston Content Writer and RedShift Writers Founder Daniel J. Cohen will discuss content writing techniques and methods by which to boost sales for the rest of 2013 on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio hosted by Michele Price on Monday, April 22nd at 11AM on #BBSRadio. “Michele is one of the fastest rising yet experienced business radio […]

50 Commandments for Renegade Free Lancers

I know, I know: Renegades don’t have rules, so how could this blog post even exist? Before you have an existential crisis about it, consider this: the business world is full of rules. There are rules about not burning bridges, avoiding controversy, climbing the ladder, respecting superiors, leading a certain way, dressing a certain way… […]

Following in the Footsteps of Starbucks: How Content Writers Help Customers Escape Customer Service Hell

When I was a rebellious, snot-nosed 16-year-old punk my fellow rebellious, snot-nosed 16-year-old punk friend and I used to talk about our own personal teenaged pet peeves and why we didn’t like people to “tell us what to do!” and whatnot. For him, the issue was authority. No character of that breed usually loves authority, […]