RedShift Writers Spearheads Revolutionary Speaking Event Ignite Houston

RedShift Writers is proud to announce the return of Ignite Houston, a speaking event based on lightning fast speeches of heavyweight caliber. Ignite is an international organization with local organizers. The event consists of a series of speeches all falling within the same format: 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide.

The return of Ignite Houston is a major statement for the Houston speaker scene. Because of the potential for individual speakers to fall behind their slides, this creative constraint requires speakers to push themselves to be at their very best. However, when executed properly, Ignite speeches stand at the pinnacle of oratorical performance. RedShift Writers will ensure speakers strategize and execute speeches properly, leveraging its talents and in-depth understanding of public speaking for the betterment of all involved, especially the speakers and audience.

RedShift’s love of language and dedication to all forms of storytelling serve as the key reasons for its organizational dedication to Ignite Houston’s comeback. The company will provide personal speaker coaching, event marketing, and creative direction for the event. In addition, the company will provide ongoing overview strategy for Ignite Houston as a chapter organization moving forward, holding a variety of speaking events meant to transform speech as we know it.

To learn more about the upcoming Ignite Houston Revolution, see the promo video, courtesy of Houston Business Weekly, featuring our Founder Daniel J. Cohen’s explanation of the event.

To learn more about Ignite Houston as an organization and series of ongoing events, including who the speakers and sponsors are, visit


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Daniel J. CohenRedShift Writers Spearheads Revolutionary Speaking Event Ignite Houston