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We love to tell you about what we do because we’re proud of our results. But we’re not the only ones proud of our work. See what people are saying about our company and our founder.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

[quote style=”1″] “Good writers are hard to find and a writer who has the ability to understand and mirror my clients’ brand culture is even more difficult. Daniel has blown my team away with his speed and accuracy. I highly recommend him for any writing project!” October 26, 2011
Jason Arcemont , Owner/CEO, BrightBox Brand Marketing

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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“Daniel has a great ability to not only write well, but to also capture the unique voice and character of his clients, which communicates beyond just the words on the page.” October 31, 2011
Patrick McDonough, Owner/Creative Director, BrightBox Brand Marketing
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“I’ve worked with Daniel on many of my accounts and have enjoyed every minute of it. He is one of a kind. Daniel is enthusiastic about producing good work in a time sensitive manner. The best part is: he will make you laugh while doing an amazing job. I greatly value Daniel’s writing talents and intellectual nature. I would definitely recommend Daniel and his work to anyone interested in hiring a talented copywriter.”
Jessi New, Project Coordinator, Pop Labs, Inc
[/quote] [divider top=”0″] [quote style=”1″] “I have had the privilege of working with Daniel on a wide variety of projects, all of which he produced outstanding work for. Daniel has the ability to write impressive press releases, website content, informational copy for corporate literature, quirky & engaging social media content, and much more. Daniel’s extensive experience & understanding of so many different fields make him an ideal writer to work with!”
Lauren Simpson, Project Coordinator, Pop Labs, Inc.
[/quote] [divider top=”0″] [quote style=”1″] “Daniel is a top class copywriter. He is a creative and strategic thinker together with emerging entrepreneurial marketing savvy. His crisp style of writing was ideal for the projects that we were undertaking. He is a very imaginative, articulate writer with ideas spilling out of his creative mind. His words are masterful, effective and to the point. He delivers the work in time and with a good quality. I really enjoy working with him.”
Venkat Maddikayala CC,PMP and CSM, Owner of V3Main Technologies
[/quote] Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

My button [divider top=”0″] [quote style=”1″] “Daniel is a highly qualified writer that has demonstrated expertise in this area across many different areas within our business.”
Darren Smegal, Owner and Creative Designer, Backside Five
[/quote] [divider top=”0″] [quote style=”1″] “Virtuix’s new brand position required a powerful verbal adjustment to our brand. RedShift Writers helped us capture the perfect language to express our message for our core audiences. Their speed and professionalism were of the highest quality. I would use them again in a heartbeat and encourage any business searching for the right way to describe what they do to engage RedShift Writers to support them in their cause.”
Jan Goetgeluk, Founder of Virtuix Omni

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity [/quote] [divider top=”0″]

Public Relations Manager: TestMasters Educational Services

[quote style=”1″] “Daniel is an inspiring teacher who is able to engage students and inspire them using his creativity. He has a natural teaching talent and is unafraid to try new things in the classroom. As a writer and PR professional Daniel is quick in observation, skilled at coming up with the right way to get a point across, and not afraid to act. I have enjoyed learning from him and value his contributions to the company greatly.” October 8, 2010
Aruna Viswanathan, Advisor, TestMasters Educational Services
[/quote] [quote style=”1″] “During my internship at Testmasters I worked with Daniel on several occasions. He is a well structured, intelligent and superb multitasker in all of his positions. He finds new and innovative ways to solve problems. As an intern coming from a country far away he greeted us in a superb way and took good care of us. He is also a social and funny guy who makes people around him feel comfortable. I wish him the best for the future, both in business and in his personal life. Remember to give me a call when you one day come to Oslo! :)”
Pål Torgersen, Intern, TestMasters Educational Services
[/quote] [quote style=”1″] “Daniel is a great webcourse teacher: super smart, with precise diction and screen charm. He is also a great guy.” March 28, 2012
Henrik Hylland Uhlving, Webcourse Developer, TestMasters Educational Services
worked directly with Daniel J. at TestMasters
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Top Feature Writer: Ringside Report

“Daniel J. Cohen was a great employee that thought on his feet and was a great asset to my company. I was very impressed with his abilities and ambition.” March 30, 2012
Geno McGahee
hired Daniel J. as a Writer/Editor in 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
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Student: University of Houston

“Daniel took Health Campaigns with me. His levels of preparation and enthusiasm in the classroom were amazing. He never failed to impress me with his knowledge of the subject and passion for the course. He was very active in any kind of class discussions and could always provide thought-provoking perceptions and insights. A lot of times he acted as a leader to lead the discussions for this course. He is also a good citizen. His peers in my course enjoyed his company very much.” April 3, 2012

Zhiwen Xiao, Assistant Professor, University of Houston,
taught Daniel J. at University of Houston
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Student: American University

“Daniel was a great student, and displayed talent as a writer early on. His continued success as a feature writer is no surprise — his passion for high-quality prose and his natural ability make his work fresh and interesting. I can’t say enough good things about Daniel, and look forward to his continued success.” April 21, 2010

Doug Hecox, Adjunct Professor, American University,
taught Daniel J. at American University

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