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TestMasters was our first client. Specializing in test prep, TestMasters uses entertaining class material and teachers to teach A+ college and graduate admissions exams strategies. TestMasters was started in 1991 and has been on the rise ever since, transforming into one of the major national players in the test prep industry.

When RedShift Writers founder Daniel J. Cohen first began his marketing career, TestMasters was a regional player working to bust into the national education services scene. The company needed effective content and elite marketing strategies to break into the market and further improve its position.
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TestMasters needed to translate the personality its teachers had in the classroom to its marketing materials. This involved a coordinated campaign, complete with PR, marketing, social media, and live branding with a focused and cohesive message.

Cohen implemented a PR function in the TestMasters marketing process with strong press release production, news distribution, media networking and public outreach. He then led the development of social media and blog outreach, directly improving the brand’s online and offline presence. The main purpose of these efforts was to engage both media and customer stakeholders.

The TestMasters marketing function maintained its core brand—entertaining test prep classes—while fighting to improve its position in the general test prep market.
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“Daniel is an inspiring teacher who is able to engage students and inspire them using his creativity. He has a natural teaching talent and is unafraid to try new things in the classroom. As a writer and PR professional Daniel is quick in observation, skilled at coming up with the right way to get a point across, and not afraid to act. I have enjoyed learning from him and value his contributions to the company greatly.”
Aruna Viswanathan, Advisor, Test Masters Educational Services


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