V3Main Information Technologies

A Houston IT startup founded by an IT dynamo.

Services RedShift Provided

Content StrategyContent WritingWebsite WritingPersonal Branding

Image - V3M2Results

  • Built initial startup content strategy
  • Secured strong design professional involvement on behalf of the brand
  • Positioned company founder as a leader in the field
  • Developed a slogan tag and thematic messaging for the brand
  • Ensured flexibility for brand strategy and content
V3Main’s Website – Written by RedShift Writers


V3 Main is one of RedShift Writers’ earliest clients. V3 Main provides sophisticated IT tools and technologies for modern business. Its founder is a highly credible IT professional looking to build a different kind of IT company focused on process and the combination of technology, critical thinking and good business.

V3 Main needed a strong general message strategy and excellent content to produce the results it desired. RedShift Writers agreed to lead in the development of its content strategy.


V3 Main needed a competitively priced yet high quality team to complete the project. RedShift secured a smart, sophisticated designer with dynamic experience to complete the visual branding of the project. RedShift leveraged V3 Main’s preexisting project management experience to establish tighter, more cost-effective timelines, and coordinated with the company’s founder to complete projects prior to deadline. The team members established systematic meetings to efficiently and effectively sharpen the messaging.


“Daniel is a top class copywriter. He is a creative and strategic thinker with emerging entrepreneurial marketing savvy. His crisp style of writing was ideal for my projects. He is a very imaginative, articulate writer with ideas spilling out of his creative mind. His words are masterful, effective and to the point. He delivers the work on time with good quality. I really enjoy working with him.”
Venkat Maddikayala CC,PMP and CSM, Owner

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