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Good Writing: The Key to Winning Grants

Looking for a way to boost your revenue stream? Grants are an incredible way to do so—yet many organizations don’t apply for them at all, or fail to do so effectively.


Consider how grants can catapult your business, nonprofit, and independent ventures forward:


  • Grants don’t have the financial burdens of traditional sources of capital, like minimum borrowing requirements, accrued interest, or credit restrictions.


  • They can significantly expand your capacity to create products and deliver services, or help cover overhead and business expenses.


  • They can come with a lot of prestige.


There’s a catch, though: grant funding is won based almost entirely on creating a persuasive case for the strength of your idea, what makes it necessary, and your ability to carry it out. If these elements aren’t articulated effectively, you won’t win the grant. 


At RedShift, our grant writers weave clients’ achievements, ideas, and strategy together into impactful narratives that get results. Members of our team have written winning proposals for grants administered by state and local governments, public-private partnerships, and private foundations. Some have even served as grant panelists themselves! We know what works, and we’re here to help you get the funding your enterprise needs to meet your most ambitious goals. 

Beyond The Award: Grant Research, Reporting and More

When it comes to grants, there’s a lot more than winning to consider:


  • Where do you find grants to apply for? 


  • How do you make sure you’re a good fit for the funding you’re applying for?


  • What’s the best way to measure and record the success of your initiatives after you’ve won?


RedShift Writers goes beyond the proposal to seamlessly integrate grant funding into your business. We perform detailed research to recommend the best grants for your organization, assist in keeping written progress records, and write interim and final reports. 


We can help support existing grant writing efforts, too. Already have a fundraising specialist on staff? We’ll help expand your capacity so you can focus on other sources of revenue or go after more grants.


Looking for coaching and training for your team? We’ll walk you through the process of finding and applying for the opportunities that are right for you.


Whether you simply need another set of eyes to edit and proofread materials you’ve already written or require complete guidance on research and writing award-winning grant proposals, we have the skill and know-how to support you.

Revving Up Your Revenue Starts Here.

No matter the size or sector of your organization, grants can be tremendously helpful in fulfilling your mission, and it all starts with the story. You know your storywe’re here to help you tell it.


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