Need a Writer's Opinion?

Sometimes You Need Another Perspective.

Have a creative idea, but don’t know where to start?

Need a sounding board?

Hit a block?

Creatives, leaders, authors, and strategists: it can help to have someone to talk to who isn’t you. When we’re brainstorming high-level ideas—our business plans, our books, our campaigns, our strategic fit—we can get stuck in our own heads and our own frameworks, impeding progress toward our own vision. At times like these, it’s helpful to get another perspective, to better understand what is motivating us and how to move forward. It grounds us to have another person as a sounding board, to help us consider aspects of our ideas that we may have overlooked but that are crucial to elevating and actualizing our vision. 

RedShift Writers Works with Our Clients to Bring Their Ideas into Fruition.

  • We motivate authors to break through blocks, find the right process for them, and finish their book.
  • We assist businesses in outlining their content strategy, writing their brand story and producing ongoing content to achieve their specific business objectives.
  • We help people become better writers so that they can add value to their organizations, their lives, and the lives of other people.

We love showing people how to write, observe, learn, research, take in the world, and make creative ideas come to life in tangible and engaging ways. There’s nothing more satisfying than living our values and fulfilling our purpose: telling stories and guiding others to do the same.

A different set of eyes brings something new to every project. Contact RedShift Writers to see how we can help breathe life into your ideas. 

RedShift’s Consulting Services Include:

  • Content Writing

  • SEO

  • Authorship

  • Branding

  • Blogging

  • Public Relations

Hour-Long Sessions or All-Day Workshops

Whether you need an hour, several business days, or a long-term engagement, we’re here to roll up our sleeves and make it happen. RedShift Writers consults with authors, business owners, executives, and creative professionals with a wide range of skills, from entry level to experts. 

  • Planning Meetings for Vision, Mission, and Campaigns
  • Authorship Workshops
  • Content Writing, Content Strategy, and SEO Guidance

Get valuable, practical knowledge.

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