Want to Make the News?

Did You Just Do Something Awesome? Want to Tell the World?

That’s what a press release and other publicity articles are for. Smartly-timed, well-written press releases are an effective part of your complete sales and marketing strategy. Press releases leverage public relations to gain interest in your company and positively affect public opinion.

We develop clear and intriguing press releases so that you can:


    • Engage news reporters, bloggers, influencers, and other key stakeholders
    • Make a splash at an upcoming trade show, press conference, lecture, or product demo 
    • Boost SEO for your website
    • Spotlight a new hire, product rollout, startup, or business award
    • Promote your business, movie, event, or book release
    • Build authority in the market


RedShift Writers has extensive experience, both practical and academic, in the field of public relations. We have working knowledge of the media system and can lend guidance to those who want to incorporate PR into their content strategy.

We can even help you find other resources for your project, serving as a sounding board for high-level PR strategy.

Stay on Top of the News Cycle.

Some companies need a robust PR effort to stay at the top of their industry. For many companies in fashion, food, and entertainment, a consistent news reel is a must, especially in a world where multiple images flash across billions of screens in a matter of seconds on a regular basis. In other companies, news may be limited to occasional announcements. 

Whatever you need, we are here to be your partner and help you develop press releases that gain attention and amplify your message. We want your PR strategy to match your content needs, and to be adaptable as circumstances change. Whatever the news cycle is for your company and your industry, we’ll help you develop an approach that achieves your goals. 

Start Getting Press.

RedShift Writers can make ongoing press releases part of your marketing mix. Let’s tell the world your most recent and compelling stories.

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