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Every day, there are over three billion searches typed into Google world wide. That’s more than 1.2 trillion Google searches every year. And that number only grows each year. For businesses, landing on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo is a big priority. You can capture the attention of thousands—if not millions—of people searching for your products or services with a smart SEO copywriting strategy.  

While pay-per-click ads should likely be part of your overall online strategy, you should always have an organic SEO copywriting strategy to help boost your web traffic. Organic SEO doesn’t cost you per click. It also leads the reader to content that better answers their question or might even be exactly what they’re looking for. Well-written SEO content is in tune with your customers and target audience, naturally driving traffic to your website. 

We Learn How Your Target Audience Searches.

Our SEO strategy is guided by your audience and your business needs. We use keyword research tools to discover the phrases, questions, and words that your audience types into Google. We can also separate search results by region and time of year. By knowing where, when, and how people search for things that apply to your business, we can create content that is relevant and keeps you not only on top of search results but also top-of-mind for your audience. 

Over time, we monitor your website’s metrics including click-through rates and time-on-site, as well as how your website and certain pages perform on Google. We use this information to continue to adjust and write content so that you have the best chance of being found online. 

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