White Paper Writing: Become a Leading Thinker in Your Market.

Capture Your Big Ideas. Share Something New.

Stir up conversations with white paper writing that establishes your brand as an authoritative voice in your industry. 


Your customer base is always on the lookout for a competitive edge or insight that will help them win over their market. Whether you are reaching out to new prospects or building customer loyalty, your audience wants to learn something new. 


Teach your prospects something useful and new with white papers. By writing white papers that directly solve your customers’ problems, you can shape your readers’ attitudes and openness to your products or services. Good white paper writing informs; great white papers permeate the market and challenge the status quo. 


 At RedShift Writers, we’re committed to producing content that your prospects will be excited to share. We specialize in white paper writing that persuades, empowers, and enlightens readers with well-researched facts, figures, and data presented from a unique perspective.

Why Educating Prospects Through White Paper Writing Matters

Beyond cementing your company’s reputation as a thought leader, white papers also prepare your readers to make more informed choices. 


As your white paper educates, it increases transparency into your industry. White papers give prospects the vocabulary and basic understanding needed to choose between vendors, and to discuss your product or services with others in their company. Prospects are much more likely to choose your company if you release materials that inform, educate, and give them an advantage in the market.

Education also improves cooperation and provides a baseline knowledge for collaboration once contracts have been signed and services begin. It greatly improves the customer experience.

White Paper Writing: White Paper Types for Every Situation

White paper writing backed by in-depth research gives your reader a new understanding of how you do business. It shows them that your company has a solution to their pain points.


White papers provide many types of insights.  They can:

  • Bridge gaps in knowledge
  • Use evidence to support a bold position
  • Introduce stakeholders to the latest ideas from leading thinkers


White papers can be tailored and presented in a wide variety of styles:



Backgrounders are white papers that bring readers up to speed on a trend, idea, innovation, or discovery. Backgrounders are excellent for improving prospects’ technical knowledge of your field. They can also be used to explain designs, regulations, scientific or ethical principles guiding your product or service, or the history of an industry and speculation as to its future.


Listicles are white papers that give readers a numeric rundown, showcasing the “top 10 problems” facing an industry or illustrating “three keys to understanding” a new finding.  

Listicles are a great choice if you want to provide a faster read. They are often faster to draft as well because they set a clear topic scope for the white paper from the start.

Problem and Solution Proposals

Problem and solution proposals are white papers that speak directly to a potential client’s worries or challenges and delineate a clear, detailed path to success. Problem and solution proposals set up a clear argument in favor of your solution from the start and often provide research conducted directly by your business. Such proposals may also contain case studies demonstrating how your solution has succeeded in the past.

The problem and solution proposal format has grown greatly in popularity in recent years because it positions your brand messaging and campaign language directly at the center of the story.

Leveraging White Papers to Their Greatest Potential

White papers don’t exist in a vacuum. Used in concert with other content and events, white papers can amplify a larger message or solidify your industry’s impression of your brand.


Show Off Other Content

White papers work well as a complement to other marketing and publicity materials. 

White papers encourage backlinks to your blogs and websites, often linking directly to contact pages or service catalogs. They may link to other white papers and additional long-form content as well. Have an eBook or guide you want to show off? Showcase it in your white paper.


Amplify Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use frequently searched terms connected with your white paper’s subject to drive traffic to your paper. Apply these terms in headers and throughout the body of your whitepaper as well as throughout the webpage directing the reader to the whitepaper. RedShift Writers can help you integrate search engine optimization strategies carefully to ensure your end content still sounds organic. Learn more about our SEO Copywriting Services


Support Thought Leadership 

White papers can be used to support guest blogs, podcast interviews, and other works that highlight the accomplishments and innovations of your team and partners. White papers themselves may even be co written with a client or partner to enhance the credibility of your paper and pull in outside knowledge. 


Make the Most of Your Events

White papers are a great asset to follow up speeches, presentations, and professional conventions. After building authority with a dynamic speech or positive conversation at the trade show booth, your team can leverage white papers to network with the audience and prompt further conversation. In place of a simple business card, white papers go above and beyond to expand opportunities to deepen engagement.


Expand Reach and Content Distribution

White papers are a perfect tool for building your image in the media and online. Be sure to take advantage of your own communication channels, including newsletters, mailing lists, and social media to distribute your white paper. Additionally, submitting a press release announcing your new white paper to trade journals and leading industry news sites often results in still wider exposure if a news source chooses to pick up your story.

Our White Paper Writing Process

The Redshift Writers team carefully considers your audience’s unique needs as we research, author, edit, and revise your white paper. Our team is collaborative and creative. We work closely with you at every step of the white paper writing process to ensure satisfaction.


Step 1: Gathering Information

Research comes first. We look at all available materials that are relevant to your project, and interview leaders at your company as well as all other relevant stakeholders. 


Our team also examines competitors’ recent white papers, the latest news from your industry’s trade journals, and leading industry blogs to meet the norms of your industry while also standing out. We conduct extensive search engine optimization (SEO) research to determine which keywords to target.


Step 2: Outline Your White Paper

Outlines keep writing focused and allow us to sort data, ideas, quotes, and other information into logically ordered sections. Think of outlines as the skeleton of your white paper. As we work with you, you will have access to the outline to ensure it fits with your vision. Outlines also allow us to work with your design team to identify appropriate places or suggestions for pictures, charts, or other visuals.


Step 3: Drafting and Editing

After you approve our outline, our team will write a first full draft of the white paper and take time to edit it to ensure that your company’s voice and ideas shine through. We will then set up a virtual meeting or email exchange to discuss the draft in detail with you.

Step 4: Feedback

Feedback can make the difference between a good white paper and an exceptional white paper. As you provide your thoughts and commentary, we will work hard to integrate them.

Step 5: Refinement

As we produce additional drafts, we will conduct readthroughs, conduct quality control checks, and regularly with your team to make sure messaging stays on the right track. This process continues through to the production of the final draft.

Put RedShift Writers To Work on White Papers That Spark Meaningful Conversations With Your Prospects

RedShift Writers believes in telling your story your way with quality white paper writing that generates interest in your products or services. We work closely with your subject matter experts to translate technical concepts into exciting ideas that are easy to understand.


Successful white paper writing generates great conversations. Let us help you find your voice. 


Contact RedShift Writers today to connect with a white paper copywriter who will help you influence your industry.

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