Our Purpose

Why RedShift?

A lot of people ask us about the meaning behind our name. RedShift is the perceived shift of color as light moves away from our eyes. When light moves further away, it appears to shift closer to the red end of the color spectrum. Astronomers use the RedShift phenomenon to measure the expansion of our universe, or the distance between stars and planets.

We believe storytelling is analogous to the RedShift phenomenon. Our mission is to help people tell their stories and make their stories as bright and clear as possible for the world to experience. Just as astronomers use RedShift to measure the distance between stars, we use stories and language to measure the distance between ourselves and others.

Storytelling can be done so many different ways—through books, paintings, movies, dance, websites, games—but it always begins with language and understanding. Language is how we create, find, and share meaning with one another. 

We use spoken language to tell stories everywhere from boardrooms to campfires to long distance phone calls.
We use written language to tell stories to readers all over the world: on signs, in books, in web pages, on walls. 

We use body language to act, dance, and perform stories on stage. 

We use the language of design to bring the imagery of our stories to life: in paintings, drawings, and animations. 

We use the music of language (and the language of music) to tap into the cadence, rhythm, harmony, and dissonance of our stories: with poetry, percussion, instrumentation, orchestration, and the human voice. 

When we learn someone’s story, we can gauge how alike or different we are; we adopt a new way of looking at the world, or challenge it against our own perceptions. The act of telling stories is how we emit light. The act of listening to the stories of others is how we explore perceptions and gain a deeper understanding of the human condition.

We believe that everyone has a story. It starts as a spark and grows into a light that ignites people far and wide. 

We treasure the opportunity to help you find that spark and make it grow.

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