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RedShift Writers B2B Copywriting Case Study: Industrial Bolting Company


Achieved #1 Google ranking for industry-specific keywords

Industry webinar viewed by more than 1,000 industry professionals and decision-makers

Cultivated a loyal social media following for the company and its key faces

Generated leads that resulted in projects at major oil & gas companies

Services Provided

Content Strategy

SEO Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Scripting & Voice-Over for Video Content

Responsive, creative and professional. RedShift Writers has the unique ability to find the client’s voice, making the content they develop so much more effective and leaving you with a feeling of pride to see their efforts expressed in your marketing material. Great work guys!

Jason Arcemont, Business Strategist

The Challenge

Our client was an industrial bolting company that provided anti-corrosive bolts for oil & gas applications, power generation facilities, and other harsh environments. Their unique selling proposition was a novel, proprietary bolt coating that guaranteed a longer lifespan and ensured their bolts could be removed at any time without resorting to cutting, torching, grinding, or any other time-consuming or risky removal practice. To validate their claims, the client could point to an impressive stable of testing data. Each passing day brought fresh results from a battery of evaluations that stressed their bolts to the limit of endurance. As a result, the client was the only bolting company in the market that guaranteed its product’s safe operation for five years, even in extreme service conditions.


Despite 15 years of successful operation in Mexico as a supplier of bolts for extreme environments, the client was still unknown to both the United States and the global oil & gas market. Downtime is the number one expense for facilities like offshore oil rigs, refineries, and power generation facilities. As a result, facility managers are wary of unknown or unproven technologies that have not had their risk factors evaluated in real-world conditions.


The challenge for the client was to convince both suppliers and producers in the American market that their bolts could save time, money, and lives through increased uptime and safer manufacturing processes.

The Strategy

RedShift Writers partnered with a brand marketing agency to create a robust content strategy that positioned the client as an industry authority and educator. We started by building a website that could easily communicate their coating’s key attributes, then crafted long-form articles that focused on the science behind their bolting technology.


The client complied with multiple industry specifications when creating their proprietary bolt coating, so our SEO strategy focused on owning those specifications in search. We achieved this SEO strategy by crafting a library of landing pages for each specification, writing keyword-rich articles for trade publications with backlinks to the client’s site, and by hosting a popular webinar on both the client’s site and on industry information sites.


RedShift Writers also co-produced a robust trade show presence for the client at OTC. We wrote content for sales material such as one-sheets, booth signage, brochures, and an app-driven scavenger hunt that showcased their bolt-logging and identification system, increased foot-traffic to their booth, and enabled their sales team to engage with potential customers and generate industry awareness.

Successful Tactics

  • Generated long-form articles and webinars that ranked #1 in Google SERPs for search terms related to client’s industry specifications;

  • Crafted landing pages that served as a database for testing information geared toward industry professionals;

  • Hosted a technical webinar with subject matter experts to establish the client’s brand as an authority on industrial bolting and corrosion;

  • Coordinated strategy for trade shows that included brochures, one-sheets, branded items, augmented reality games, and other materials;

  • Produced industrial videos for social media, trade shows, and more to leverage testing; and

  • Executed social media campaigns and trained the CEO how to leverage his personal social media platform to generate discussion and interest in the product.

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