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We don’t just write to sell. We write to make meaningful, lasting connections with your audience.

  • Educate

    Teach your audience something useful, whether it’s about yourself or your business.

  • Inspire

    Put something out there that gives your audience a deeper appreciation of themselves and the world.

  • Persuade

    Show your audience why your ideas matter.

  • Amplify

    Be easy to find on search engines or bookshelves.

Who We Write For


Finish Your Book. Build Your Platform. Find Your Audience.


Achieve Your Business Objectives. Boost Profit. Grow ROI.


Change Hearts and Minds. Achieve Your Mission. Grow Your Movement. 

Kudos from Our Clients

  • Every topic is thoroughly dissected, deconstructed, and then reinvented in a way that takes the reader in a whole new direction while still answering the basic questions. Highly recommended.

    Steve Lawrence, Web Developer
  • RedShift Writers are passionate about their work and it shows. They are timely in production and creative in their approach. I highly recommend the team at RedShift!

    Barbara Stewart, Entrepreneur
  • Responsive, creative and professional. RedShift Writers has the unique ability to find the client's voice. The content they develop leaves you with a feeling of pride in your marketing material.

    Jason Arcemont, Entrepreneur

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