You Have a Story to Tell.

We believe that everyone has a story—something of value that they can add to the world.

All of our lives contain moments of insight: valuable lessons learned, unique experiences, or struggles that many people may not see or know about. Chances are that your story is extraordinarily valuable.

Your book can:

  • Teach people how to love 
  • Inspire readers to live their life to the fullest
  • Build authority and thought leadership
  • Persuade others to see the world from a new perspective
  • Enrich the lives of readers
  • Show people who you are, what you know, and what you’ve lived through

But writing a book can be a difficult challenge. It’s hard enough to find the time to write, let alone make it sound good. Some days, you may get writer’s block or struggle to maintain the momentum necessary to write a full-length book. 

That’s why we’re here.

We Help People Find & Voice Their Stories.

RedShift Writers works with people to turn their stories, ideas, and life’s work into books. We can either ghostwrite for you or guide you through the writing process. We have helped entrepreneurs, business owners, and people with cool stories get their books written. 

We start with the simple act of listening. Nobody knows your story as well as you do. Over the course of getting to know you, we may begin to ask questions and dig deep into the themes, ideas, and lessons contained in your story. Many of the authors we work with are surprised by how therapeutic and eye opening this process can be. Throughout this process, it’s common for the people we write for to learn something about themselves, which ultimately means your readers will learn something, too. 

Get Your Book Written.

Ready to get started? Reach out to RedShift Writers, and we can begin planning your book project. We look forward to hearing your story and sharing it with the world! 

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