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Are you a storyteller?

Do you like learning?

Can you nail deadlines and execute quality projects?

We may have a writing job for you.

RedShift Writers is a highly collaborative content writing firm. As writers, we spend much of our time discussing the ins and outs of language, asking ourselves questions like:

  • Why do people think the way they do?
  • Who is our audience? What kind of relationship do we want to have with them?
  • What’s the best voice to speak to our audience?
  • What kind of information is useful to our audience?
  • What makes a piece of writing timeless?
  • What keywords, topics, and questions are our readers searching for online?
  • What makes a particular product or service unique?
  • What cadence of words will stick in the minds of our readers? 
  • How can we best structure and write our client’s content to rise to the top of page one on Google?
  • How can we structure our writing to impact our readers?

We find our work rewarding; we thrive on getting people where they’re going. We want the world to understand their business, their journey, and their story. As professional storytellers, it is our mission and responsibility to tell stories that stand the test of time. 

We believe that Stories Change History. If you believe that, too, reach out to join RedShift Writers. Write us a love letter. Tell us your story.

Send your credentials, references, portfolio and a non-traditional cover letter—or something like it—to Info@RedShiftWriters.com

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