Our Most Important Storyteller is You

Nobody Knows Your Story Like You Do

When we work with someone to bring their story to life, their knowledge, insight, and understanding of their own story is the most valuable resource for us. 

You might come to us to tell your story, but in a way your story has already been told; it just needs to be expressed in a way that’s accessible and impactful for a broader audience.

We bill ourselves as storytellers, but truly, everyone is a storyteller because everyone has a story to tell. You are the keeper of your own story. 

Get to Know Your Writers

While each of our writers has extensive experience, our greatest strength is our ability to listen and care for the stories of the people we meet. 

The first thing we do for every project and continue to do until the project is complete is listen: to our clients, to their audience, and to our fellow writers.

RedShift Writers is a small team that works closely with the people we write for. We care about getting to know you—what you’re like, how you speak, what keeps you up at night—because it’s the only way that we can get to the heart of your story.

RedShift Writers Takes the Task of Storytelling Seriously.

We take the right steps to make your story impactful:

  • We carry the story and affecting psychology/history concept through.
  • We work in small teams.
  • We collaborate with you and anyone else who can help tell your story.
  • We’re highly communicative.
  • We integrate with your team.
  • We’re experienced and never stop learning.
  • We’re thoughtful.
  • We consider your needs throughout the project to provide high quality service.
  • We meditate on the things that make your project special so that we can take care of you and your story.
  • People grow at RedShift Writers; we train all of our writers on the RedShift philosophy and process.
  • We’ll never toss a project over the fence; we realize the need for personalized effort and personal communication to produce effective content.


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    "Follow your oddities" - Yvie Oddly

    Morgan Acree Senior Writer

  • "Lives are lived unedited"

    Daniel J. Cohen Founder & Lead Writer

  • "If it works, it's obsolete" - Marshall McLuhan

    Alex Oriani Creative Director

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