Attract. Convert. Retain.

We Write Content that Attracts Your Audience, Converts Prospects, and Retains Customers.

  • Websites

    Websites give your business an online presence. They are the core, the rock, the bread-and-butter of web content. It’s never too early or too late to let us write your site. RedShift’s website content writing focuses on combining persuasive language with the best SEO practices to open the door to new markets for your business.

  • Blogs

    Blogs are a great way to get in front of your audience. As a central location for public content related to your campaign or company, your blog builds authority, improves search rankings, and consistently engages your audience with new thoughts and insights. Use blog posts to target keywords, grow your audience, drive leads, and bolster your position in the market.

  • SEO Copywriting

    Search engines such as Google reward your website for understanding their algorithm and writing accordingly. We perform in-depth SEO research to learn what your audience is looking for and create a smart SEO strategy to drive results. Our high quality SEO content helps you rank better, drive traffic, and target specific SEO keywords.

  • Books

    81% of Americans feel they have a book in them and should publish it, yet very few ever do. If your goal is to write a book, a little help can be invaluable. RedShift Writers has ghost-written books for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and business owners. We’ll guide you through the process or even do some of the heavy lifting to make your book a reality.

  • Articles

    Articles build authority. Whether you are placing editorials in the media, writing articles for an internal audience, or simply want to bolster your blog, we’re here to assist in creating a robust content calendar, finding angles for the topics you care about, and producing articles that catch the attention of your core audience.

  • Guides

    When done right, guides make people feel more comfortable with what they’re learning and the person teaching them. Guides build trust by teaching your audience something new in a meaningful, intuitive way.

  • User Content

    While we are not website or app developers, the content that we write can have a big impact on the usability and user experience of your app or website. The content that we write for buttons, instructions, call-out boxes, and throughout your site contributes to the overall clarity and tone. We work closely with developers to make your site or app easy, fun, and engaging to use.

  • Press Releases

    Trying to gain the attention of journalists and other influencers? A well-written release is part of the equation. Amplify the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your most recent story to make headlines or provide critical information to your core audience.

  • White Papers

    White papers demonstrate knowledge and command of topics that are relevant to your field. They help sell, gain confidence, and build authority for your company. Establish thought-leadership and gain the trust of peers, clients, and other business leaders.

Memorable Writing that Resonates & Inspires

Good writing accurately represents who you are. It effortlessly carries readers’ imaginations to a world where they are enjoying your product or are saved by your services.  

Strong businesses are always strengthening their relationship with their audience. Your content is often your first impression. What you say could determine whether they look further into your business or move on to a competitor. Once someone takes an interest in your business, your content should convert them by teaching them something useful or providing a fun experience. Once they become a customer, your content should continually engage them in a mindful manner to strengthen customer retention. 

We think carefully about who you are and who your audience is so that your content can be successful. Using our unique process, we get to understand your business and your customers. We learn what makes your business unique as well as what motivates your audience. We learn how people search for the products and services your business offers so that we can optimize your content to show up in search engines. Most importantly, we tailor your content to meet your specific business objectives.

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