Have Something BIG to Say?

Say it with an Article.

Articles are a timeless way to explore big ideas, events, and topics. Both online and in print, long-form article writing has carved out a special place to engage readers on a deeper intellectual level. While your core content describes the key aspects of your brand and your business, and blogs are usually used for informal updates and observations, articles are a hard-hitting deep dive into specific subjects that are relevant to your company or field. Articles can be shared almost anywhere: on your blog, on landing pages, on a microsite, and in third-party publications.

Long-Form Article Writing that Readers Want to Share

Because articles typically run over 1,000 words, they give businesses the runway to give their readers in-depth insight into a product, service, or idea. Readers, in turn, are more likely to share articles on social media or on their own websites, especially if they contain meaningful, proven information that sparks a discussion on their own page. 

How do we write articles that people want to share? We conduct extensive research, employ persuasive rhetoric, and structure findings to build momentum and deliver cadences at just the right moments. By the time your readers finish reading articles on your website, we want them to feel invigorated—like they need to share what they learned with their friends, their peers, and the world. 

Enlighten Your Readers.

Have an important thought about your industry? Want to unveil research findings? Need to editorialize? Do it with an article. 

RedShift Writers always cherishes the opportunity to do in-depth research, learn about an idea, and present it in a meaningful way. We write articles to help brands both teach their readers something new and gain SEO backlinks.  

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