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Guides are like a secret weapon. They answer frequently asked questions, are naturally loaded with keywords, andwhen done rightboost time on site and engage your target audience in new and exciting ways. Helpful, intuitive guides build loyalty and trust. They show your audience that you care enough to take the time to be creative and improve their lives. 

RedShift Writers has written guides for services, products, food, shopping, holidays, marketing and more. We find creating guides to be a rewarding challenge that enlightens us just as much as it enlightens your readers. 

Structure, Presentation, & Framing

We always aim to produce guides that people want to readguides that shift their perspective. To write the most effective guides possible, we focus on framing, structure, and presentation. 

Like a picture frame, a writing frame is the idea surrounding each piece of content we write. The more that the frame reflects your voice and business strategy, the more we can make your guides feel like they come directly from the world of your brand. Framing is how we make guides immediately catchy. When working on a guide project, we always think to ourselves: how can we heighten this guide to be more than a guide? 

For example, if your brand is aggressive and focuses on strength, then we might position your guide as a book of battle strategies. If your business or campaign has a whimsical feel, then we might write your guide to feel more like a fairy tale. 

The framing of our guides naturally leads us to consider the structure. If we’re writing a comprehensive holiday guide positioned as a Christmas story book, then we might break the guide into different chapters, for instance. 

Lastly, the way we frame and structure the guide content directly influences its presentation. We work with designers, publishers, or web developers to ensure that your guide takes the perfect form so that it feels distinctive and exceptional as soon as your audience lays their eyes on it. 

Lead the Way for Your Audience.

Let’s create something special and insightful for the people you want to reach. Guides work great as standalone marketing, a product, or as part of a larger content strategy. 

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