Most People Want to Write a Book.

More than 80% of Americans say they want to write a book and believe that they should. However, an overwhelming majority never get around to it.


A blank page can be intimidating. It’s a limitless landscape of endless possibilities; your book isn’t going to write itself.

If you manage to start filling in the blank page with the outline, great! You got past the first obstacle. But that outline can grow taller, heavier, more imposing. There’s a wasteland of outlines out there somewhere that never took the next step toward becoming a book. And even if you fill in the outline, you still may not have a book that you’re proud of.

All the choices that need to be made—from the first sentence to the final chapter to the reason that you’re writing a book in the first place—serve as challenges that stand between you and finishing your book. We help authors work through the tone, structure, themes, purpose, picture painting, literary devices, and what you might want to leave to the reader’s imagination so that you can write a book that achieves its purpose.

RedShift Authorship Assistance Helps Authors:

  • Form positive writing habits and routines that establish a path for success, including a primer on our own process, the Creative Triad


  • Find creative footing and make the right choices about story, structure, tone, and other considerations


  • Bust writer’s block with creative exercises


  • Keep projects organized by managing content in Google Drive, notebooks, recorders and other common writing tools


  • Write ongoing content to launch, publicize, and sell their book

Write a Book that People Will Remember.

Creating the conditions to turn a writer into an author is the most fulfilling part of our job.

Have an idea you would like to bounce around?

An outline that you would like to turn into a draft?

A draft that needs to be polished?

RedShift Writers can start helping at any stage of the process. We have ghostwritten books for thought-leaders and have helped authors finish writing books of their own. 

Contact us to start working towards your goal of finishing your book. 

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