Content is Powerful.

When we put an idea into the world in an accessible way, the entire perception others have of that idea can change dramatically. Books and speeches have changed borders and governments. People have fallen in love over a single sentence, or lost their job over a single comment. Ad campaigns have massively altered the perception of billions of consumers, kicking off global trends or repelling the masses and driving them toward the competition.

It’s a simple truth: 

There is tremendous influence in what we say, how we say it, and who we say it to.

Content strategy is about getting the most out of your content so that your idea permeates through your audience and changes their perspective. All content should be created for an objective. A business may use content to drive sales, improve its website traffic, or change its public perception. A grassroots movement may use content to affect policy or build community. An individual may simply use content to express a burning idea to the world.

Good content considers its audience: their wants, needs, desires, and outlooks. We take our work seriously; before we dive into regularly producing content for your company, we research, brainstorm, and collaborate with you to keep your content strategy in motion. We build a content calendar, conduct regular analysis of SEO keywords, keep an idea sheet, suggest meeting schedules, record and transcribe interviews, and incorporate the RedShift Writers approach into your day-to-day process. We also build checkpoints into our workflow to continually reorient and improve performance for both our clients and our writers on a project by project basis.

In other words, we don’t write in a vacuum; we strategize. We carefully consider how to focus your message and present it to the people who matter most. 

Strengthen Your Content Strategy.

Our writers have designed content strategies that have successfully helped our clients…


  • Educate the market on new tools, features, trends or other products


  • Engage key audiences such as influencers, investors, or end consumers


  • Boost SEO by improving search engine rankings, web traffic, and visibility of content in Google and other search engines


  • Sell products directly to the end consumer


  • Get noticed by the media or other public organizations


  • Empower themselves and their team to produce their own content or solve creative challenges 


Connect with us to maximize the power of your content.

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